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Septic Tank Cleaning

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Cesspool Maintenance

Cesspool Maintenance Prevents Problems

Taking a proactive approach to the care of your septic system or cesspool is the easiest way to prevent messy and unpleasant failures. Your sanitation system is one of the hardest working — yet regularly forgotten — utility systems in your entire home. With proper maintenance, however, it can serve you for many years. 

Routine cesspool maintenance includes inspections, content level measurement and pumping and chemical treatment.

Maintaining Your Septic System

Septic tanks should be maintained, meaning they should be pumped out to remove the build-up of solid waste and sludge. When septic tanks are neglected for long periods of time, the solid waste and sludge will build up to the point where it begins to flow into the overflow cesspool. The sludge and waste then settles on the bottom of the cesspool causing it to clog and fill up prematurely.

Safe And Responsible Treatments

Handling your own cesspool chemical treatments can be dangerous, and you may not be able to determine the right balance of chemicals for your system. Our licensed and insured team has the experience and expertise to safely handle treating your cesspool.

Cesspool Maintenance

After the team from Antorino and Sons installs your new cesspool and/or septic tank, you are ready to keep the water that is flowing to and from your home as clean and safe as possible. While many septic tank related jobs do require the assistance from pros like us, you can practice some maintenance on your own. It is important for you to realize that owning a septic tank does require some basic upkeep. But not to worry! The family at Antorino and Sons is here to make sure that your family learns how to properly care for your new cesspool and septic tank.

Keeping Your Cesspool Clean

Cleaning your cesspool and septic tank can be a pretty messy job, but when you take care of some minor tasks on a regular basis, it can be easy and quite beneficial for your septic tank’s overall health. Once the installation is completed, you can practice safe upkeep methods on your own to make sure that your pipes function to the best of their ability. Some basic methods of do it yourself maintenance include:

  • Hosing down the pipes of your septic tank
  • Wiping away sludge from the top of the septic tank
  • Keeping the area surrounding your cesspool free from leaves and debris

If you do want to practice regular maintenance of your cesspool on your own, make sure to wear safety goggles and heavy duty cleaning gloves.

Basic Cesspool Guidelines

While keeping your cesspool clean is a great way to maintain its function, there are also ways that your whole family can keep things flowing smoothly. Make sure to communicate with everyone that lives with you to keep everyone on the same page. Avoiding some of these threats to cesspool and septic tank functionality will be a big help. Do not:

  • Flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper.
  • Pour grease or oil down your sink.
  • Park any vehicles over the cesspool area.
  • Allow rainwater runoff to reach the cesspool area.
  • Plant any woody rooted plants and trees over the cesspool area.
  • Use laundry products that are not compatible with septic systems.

It is wise to think about the long term benefits of having a cesspool system that runs smoothly. If you don’t care for it properly, you could create years of problems for your septic system.

Cesspool Pumping Services

Although it is a smart move to practice some of these maintenance suggestions on your cesspool and septic tank yourself, certain jobs should be left to the professionals. Cesspool pumping is a job that you should not attempt on your own. Antorino and Sons has been providing cesspool maintenance on Long Island for over 60 years and would be happy to help you with your new cesspool on a regular basis as well. We recommend getting your cesspool pumped at least once a year.

Don’t get clogged up with a septic or cesspool emergency. Antorino and Sons wants to be here for you and your family. If you have any questions regarding cesspool pumping or septic tank maintenance, we are here for you round the clock!