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Signs Suffolk County Septic Pumping is an Absolute Must

If you’ve been looking for a septic service company in Kings Park, NY, you’ve come to the right place! Antorino and Sons, a family-owned and operated septic company, has been providing the residents of Suffolk County with reliable, fast, and affordable septic tank services for more than 60 years. From general maintenance and repairs to new septic tank installation, when it comes to septic tank services in Kings Park, NY, Antorino and Sons does it all! Contact us today to find out for yourself why so many area homeowners choose us to keep their septic systems flowing smoothly.

A septic system is an efficient and affordable wastewater management system, so it’s no wonder so many homes in Suffolk County rely on septic tanks to store and treat water waste. While these systems are durable and can last for years without issue, they do need to be properly maintained, and regular septic pumping is an integral part of maintaining this system.

Septic pumping involves the removal of water and waste that accumulates within a septic tank. It helps to prevent wastewater overflow and ensures the system continues running smoothly. Ideally, you should have the system pumped every three to five years; however, sometimes, it may need to be pumped more frequently. But how can you tell? Here’s a look at some telltale signs that indicate you need to contact a reputable Kings Park, NY septic service to schedule a pumping as soon as possible.

Slow-Running Drains

Slow drains are more than just an inconvenience; they may be a sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped. A clog can certainly slow down a drain, but if that’s the case, the issue is usually isolated to a single location. If you’ve tried to clear the clog to no avail or several drains (toilets, too) in your home are running slowly, your septic tank could be to blame.

If a septic tank is nearing or has reached capacity, there’s nowhere for the wastewater that gets flushed down the drains to go. When that happens, instead of flushing down the drain, the water (and the waste it contains) stays put. By having your septic tank pumped, the excess wastewater in the tank will be removed and your drains will run freely again.

Unpleasant Odors

Think about all of the stuff that gets flushed down your toilets and drains; bodily waste, soap scum-filled water, dirt your from your clothing, food particles from your dishes… All of that waste flows down the drains and ends up in the septic tank, and when combined, they create a pretty foul odor.

When a septic tank has reached or is nearing capacity, the smell from all of the waste in the tank wafts up through the toilets and drains, as well as the drain field in your yard that surrounds the tank. Needless to say, the scent of sewage is highly offensive and very obvious. The second you notice the pungent odor of raw sewage, you need to contact a reputable Suffolk County septic service company to schedule a pumping. The longer you wait, the worse the odor – and the damage – will become.

Pooling Water

If you notice a pool of water in your yard but it hasn’t rained and your sprinklers haven’t been running, you definitely need to have your septic tank serviced; especially if the puddles are located in your system’s drain field.

When a septic tank is working properly, the wastewater remains underground; however, when the tank has reached capacity, water and waste can escape and flood your yard. Pooling water can also be an indication that you have a clog in one of the drain field pipes, in which case both septic cleaning and pumping would be needed. Whatever the cause, if you notice mysterious puddles of water in your lawn, get in touch with a professional septic company ASAP before you have a total wastewater flood!

Sewage Backup

The most obvious and dangerous (grossest, too) sign of a septic tank overflow is the sight of raw sewage. When the tank is full, not only is there nowhere for new wastewater to go but the water and waste the tank is holding will start to pour through the pipes and out of the drains. When that happens, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.

Usually, drains on the lower level of your house will be affected first, such as the basement or the first floor; if the tank isn’t pumped, drains on the higher levels will be affected, too. The second you spot sewage pouring out of your toilets or drains, you need to contact a professional immediately. A sewage backup isn’t just gross; it can be extremely dangerous and costly.

For Efficient and Affordable Suffolk County Septic Pumping, Contact Antorino and Sons!

If you’ve noticed even just one of the above-mentioned signs, you need to schedule a septic service as soon as possible. For the fastest and most affordable septic pumping in Suffolk County, call the experts at Antorino and Sons! With more than 60 years of experience and a proven track record of success, we’ll get your system cleaned, pumped, and running smoothly in no time! To schedule an appointment, dial 631-250-6829 and we’ll send a team to your Kings Park, NY home immediately. If you need septic tank pumping, don’t bother with the rest; contact the best!