Tips to Help You Prepare for Long Island Cesspool Installation

If you’ve been looking for a Long Island cesspool company, your search is over with Antorino & Sons! With years of experience, their professionals offer the fast, efficient, and affordable Long Island cesspool service that you can count on to keep your toilets and drains flowing smoothly. Find out for yourself why Antorino & Sons are the leading septic tank service on Long Island!

A septic system is an extremely efficient and economically friendly way to manage wastewater; no wonder why so many homes on Long Island use this type of system to handle their used water. While a cesspool is built to last a long time – and with proper maintenance, it can – there’s a chance that the system can fail.

If you’ve been noticing that your drains are running slower than they usually do; if there’s a pool of water in your lawn and it’s greener than usual; if you smell a foul stench coming up from your toilets or drains, or seeping up out of your yard – or if you see raw sewage pouring out of your drains (the most horrible sight imaginable), you need to call a Long Island septic tank service right away.

If any of the above-mentioned scenarios arise, it could mean that your cesspool just needs to be pumped; however, there’s a chance that you might actually require a Long Island cesspool installation. If that’s the case, don’t panic! A reputable cesspool installation company will be able to get the job done relatively quickly and for a price that will work with your budget.

With that said, to make things easier, it’s helpful to know what’s involved with a new cesspool installation. If you need a replacement septic system, here’s a look at some important things that you should be aware of before you have your new cesspool installed.

How Much Will It Cost?

It’s hard to say exactly how much a new cesspool will run you. Several factors affect the cost, such as the size of the system that’s being removed, the size of the replacement system, whether or not all of the components or just a few of them have to be replaced, and the location of the system.

All of these things will impact the complexity of the job; hence the reason why the prices for new cesspool installations vary widely. To find out exactly how much you should expect to pay, reach out to a reputable Long Island cesspool installation company.

Plan for Permits and Assessments

A new cesspool installation does require permits, so make sure that you have them before the work begins. Your property and the existing cesspool will need to be assessed, as well. If your old system failed or collapsed, you might need to have environmental testing done, too.

Reach out to the health department to find out exactly what you need to do. You want to make sure that you are properly prepared with all of the necessary paperwork and inspections.

Get Ready for Construction

Removing an old septic system and replacing it with a new one will require heavy construction equipment. While an experienced company will take care to limit the damage, do be aware that parts of your yard will be torn up.

To ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, make sure that you prep your property before construction begins. For instance, if your cesspool is located behind a fence, have it taken down beforehand. Likewise, if there are any plants or trees nearby that you would like to preserve, dig them up and temporarily – or permanently – replant them. Make sure all vehicles and outdoor furniture or fixtures are removed before the process starts. Also, if you have young children and/or pets, make sure that you plan for them, too. The last thing you need is a curious child or dog near a work zone.

Be Prepared for a Bit of Upheaval

You’ll have to deal with some minor inconveniences until the project is complete; for example, you won’t be able to flush anything down the drains. As such, it’s a wise idea to make plans that will allow you to deal with these inconveniences while the work is being done.

See if you can stay with a loved one during the process, or make reservations at a local hotel. Now might be the perfect time to visit out-of-state family or to take a little trip.

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